• IGN & Xfire Launch Inaugural Hearthstone Cup

    By Margrave on Sat 22nd Nov 2014 - 10:00am IGN & Xfire Launch Inaugural Hearthstone Cup

    Are you an aspiring Hearthstone player and want to use that ability to win some prizes? Then you've come to the right placeIGN and Xfire are teaming up to throw a Hearthstone tournament for a chance at some awesome prizes.  We're be running our first tournament (of hopefully many) to demonstrate a tournament that combines the element of individual streaming for  each round.

    Sign up here and you might be selected for this unique opportunity.  Contest rules can be found here.

  • Xfire Partners with the Canada Cup to Run Weekly Dota 2 Series

    By Margrave on Fri 21st Nov 2014 - 1:00pm Xfire Partners with the Canada Cup to Run Weekly Dota 2 Series

    Xfire is excited to bring on a new premier tournament organizer for one of our favorite games, Dota 2!  Starting next week, the hosts of the Dota 2 Canada Cup will run a weekly cash prize tournament series.  Each week $100 will be up for grabs and select tournaments will serve as qualifiers to the main event: The Canada Cup Season 4 Playoffs.  You can find all of the events here: http://www.xfire.com/hub/d2cweeklycup

    The signups for the first event are open now and can be found here: http://www.xfire.com/tournament/2808

    Check out the home of the Canada Cup here for information: http://www.dota2.ca/

  • Xfire & hitbox present the CS:GO Open Arena

    By Margrave on Wed 15th Oct 2014 - 7:03pm Xfire & hitbox present the CS:GO Open Arena

    Xfire and hitbox have partnered to produce and broadcast the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Open, a new tournament series for amateur CS:GO teams. The winning team will qualify to the next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arena Championship and compete against the best CS:GO teams from Europe, a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain fame in the growing CS:GO scene and compete thousands of dollars.

    Registration for the qualifier is now open at on Xfire for any amateur CS:GO team. The elimination tournament will begin on Saturday, November 15th. Full tournament rules, qualifier rounds, and the main event can be found on Xfire’s official event page.

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  • Xfire interviewed by Daily Dot's Richard Lewis

    By Margrave on Wed 15th Oct 2014 - 1:50am Xfire interviewed by Daily Dot's Richard Lewis

    Matt Marcou, VP of Marketing and former eSports Manager at Riot Games took some time out to speak with Richard Lewis from The Daily Dot and share stories about his time at Riot Games and around making tough tournament organizer decisions.

  • Xfire invited to Dreamhack Stockholm

    By Margrave on Fri 26th Sep 2014 - 6:39am Xfire invited to Dreamhack Stockholm

    Xfire is thrilled to once again be invited to attend a legendary eSports event. Dreamhack has been known for the past 10 years as the ultimate gaming festival, but once again are showing their strength as a innovative producer of eSport events and tech events. On the 26th & 27th of September 2014, Stockholm will host thousands of gamers and eSports innovators and feature five main activities: world class eSports, Keynote speeches, DreamExpo – Stockholm’s best Gaming & Tech Expo, scandinavia’s biggest hackathon & the Stockholm eSport Congress. The event will take place in Stockholm's famous Ericsson Globe Arena, which has a max capacity of 14,000 visitors.

    Xfire's VP of Marketing, Matt Marcou, will be dropping knowledge bombs as a panelist at the 2nd annual eSport Congress hosted by renown eSport journalist, Richard Lewis. At 1400 Stockholm time (5am pacific), Matt will speak on the congress' opening panel titled "How Free 2 Play have changed game development and eSports? What lessons can be learned?" The panel will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/dreamhack.

    More information can be found at the event page: http://www.dreamhack.se/stockholm14/2014/09/26/stockholm-esports-game-congress-panelists/

  • 10,000 Teams Agree that Xfire is the Ultimate Tournament Platform

    By Margrave on Thu 14th Aug 2014 - 1:19am 10,000 Teams Agree that Xfire is the Ultimate Tournament Platform

    It's been amazing two months since the launch of the Xfire tournament platform.  We want to thank all of the competititors and especially the tournament organizers, who have used the Xfire platform to settle scores, earn bragging rights, and crown champions.

    The Xfire platform wouldn't be where it is today without your feedback.  We have many lines of codes to write, features to design, and brackets to build, but we're glad for the support and we hope that you'lll continue to work with us.

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  • The Road to Blizzcon Runs through Xfire

    By Margrave on Tue 29th Jul 2014 - 12:35am The Road to Blizzcon Runs through Xfire

    Competitive Hearthstone burst onto the scene at Blizzcon 2013 when a showmatch between eight Blizzard community all-stars crowded the first ever champion.   Since it's release in March, the competition has only intesified as dozens of challengers have emerged all over the globe in pursuit of fame and fortune.  This Summer, Blizzard announced a comprehesive global qualification structure to determine the next Hearthstone champion.  We're proud to say that the road to Blizzcon now runs through Xfire.

    (Click through to read more about qualifying for Blizzcon 2014.)

  • Have your 1v1 MOBA skills immortalized. Xfire & Heroes of Newerth announce 1v1 tournaments.

    By Margrave on Mon 14th Jul 2014 - 6:22pm Have your 1v1 MOBA skills immortalized. Xfire & Heroes of Newerth announce 1v1 tournaments.

    Nothing is more satisfying and nerve racking than 1v1 combat in an online game.  "Clutch" is the title given to those who can overcome their nerves and outwit an opponent without intervention from another source, divine or otherwise.  That's why Xfire is partnering with S2 Games to give MOBA players an opportunity to fight for glory and a chance to shape a piece of Newerth.

    The Midlane Masters, powered by Xfire, is an exciting new event designed to find Newerth's most skilled individual players and crown a 1v1 Champion who will have a chance to create their own avatar!  The event is held throughout 5 weeks, with 16 one-day Qualifiers in the first 4 weeks, and the winner of each Qualifier will play in the main Tturnament where 16 players will fight for the championship.  Prizes will be earned at weekly events and the main event.

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  • Xfire Travels to Quakecon

    By Margrave on Thu 10th Jul 2014 - 11:16pm Xfire Travels to Quakecon

    Quakecon here we come!  Xfire is doing it live in Dallas, TX.  Bring your PC and your A-game because no one wants to end up at an 0-2 BBQ.  The team at Xfire has some long and fond memories of attending in years past and we're stoked to be an official part of the action.

    Xfire is powering the BYOC Tournaments at Quakecon.   Event attendees can go to www.xfire.com/hub/quakecon2014 and find all official BYOC tournaments hosted by the staff of Quakecon.  Not only that, but Xfire will be in the BYOC fraggin' hard just like everyone else.  Feel free to say hi and challenge us to your favorite game.

    For the uninitiated, click through to read more about Quakecon.

  • July Features: The power of Xfire on your site!

    By Margrave on Mon 7th Jul 2014 - 5:44pm July Features: The power of Xfire on your site!

    It's Summer, the heart of tournament season.  We expect that most of you are either playing or watching your favorite game right now as you are reading this, which is great!  If you have a few moments, we'd like to give you a TL:DR on why our July update will improve your gaming experience whether you watch or play in tournaments.

    TL;DR - You can now embed the power of Xfire into your community site as easily as you would embed a Twitch stream or Yotube video.

    If you have a few more moments to spare, then we'd like to expand on why exactly this is so awesome and how it'll make your life easier whether you run, watch, or compete in tournaments (click through to know more).