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We asked, you spoke, and we listened.
The Xfire users are the best online. Seriously… you guys ROCK!
Your feedback has really helped! We’re incorporating it into our product roadmap!
We’re also working harder than Santa’s elves to read all the comments - great stuff!
The BIG NEWS: Xfire user stillenstillen is the winner of the $100 gift certificate to Amazon. Check your email for details.

So what did Xfire learn?

In a nutshell, you told us:

  • In-game chat is the most important feature of Xfire - we’re sprucing up in-game chat with more features in the near future
  • You want faster game support, for more titles - we’re hustling and reaching out to publishers… it’s always great if you post POSITIVE requests on their forums for faster Xfire game support :-)

  • You need DirectX 10/11 support NOW - BAM! DONE for tons of games! More games coming soon.
  • You want a facelift for the Xfire App - Expect this soon. Poke around our blog and beta site for sneak peaks.
  • Please update the Xfire website! - DONE! We’re rolling this out in phases…. the new look is evolving daily, and we have about ¾ of the functionality live from Xfire.com on the beta site. (See more below)

Check out http://beta.xfire.com for the new look of Xfire. This is a work in progress… and your feedback helps us with daily improvements.
(You must join the http://www.xfire.com/communities/xfbt/ clan to use the beta site while we’re in closed beta.)

Now go PWN something! We’ve got work to do.

Xfire HQ.

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